Become a Co-op Member

Learning With Meaning, INC is the parent organization for two educational programs: the eNDVR Homeschool Learning Space for grades K-8 and Aspire Middle and High School for grades 6-12. It is LWM’s mission to make private and home education resources accessible to all students, regardless of ability to pay. Because of this mission, LWM developed our co-op system, offering parents, guardians and students over the age of 13 to trade volunteer work hours for classroom hours. Co-op members can use a combination of scholarships and work-trade hours to offset their bill by up to 100%. 

When you signup for a membership, you agree to contribute a minimum of 4 hours per month of volunteer time in order to retain your membership pricing and “parent/student hour” benefit. You also agree to regularly attend and participate in member meetings.

There are several ways to volunteer to help offset tuition costs. Volunteer hours are available for both parents and students 13 years and older. 

Once your application has been approved, you can join the co-op through the website.