Q: What does a typical week at Aspire High School look like?

A: Our week at Aspire looks a little different from the traditional school week. Classes run from 9:30-4:00 daily. Two days of our week have an academic focus, two have a themed focus and one is completely up to the students. Students learn all week long, but they learn by doing, not by sitting in a classroom. Each student is asked to choose a minimum of 5 credit areas as their focus for the school year. They then choose courses in the academic and theme days that give them approximately 4 hours of weekly study for their chosen credits. Here’s a brief overview of our schedule.

Q: If students aren’t tested how will you know if they are learning anything?

A: In a democratic school model, students self-evaluate. At Aspire it is the student’s responsibility to set their own educational and learning goals, hold themselves accountable and decide whether they have reached their goals. This can be done in a number of ways other students and staff are available to help them. 

Q: Is there a part-time option?

A: Yes, you can see our different options on our tuition and fees page. Keep in mind that in order to participate in committees, school meetings and participate in the running of the school a student would be required to attend aspire as a full-time student. 

Q: This this a religious school?

A: No, Aspire High School has no religious affiliation. 

Q: What is a democratic school?

A: Democratic schools are best described as a school that involves students in the decision-making process and all aspects that affect what and how they learn. As a democratic school, our students participate in every aspect of running the school. (Democratic schools have no political affiliation.)

Q: I don’t think I can afford tuition, but I really want my child to attend. What can I do?

A: We believe in making education affordable for everyone, therefore, we have several different financial options available for all families. We currently have a co-op model membership available for families looking to offset or eliminate tuition charges. If you are interested in becoming a member you can get more information on our co-op page. 

Q: Do you offer diplomas?

A: Yes, each student that meets the states graduation requirements will receive a diploma upon completion. 

Q: How does my student apply?

A: Our application process is easy. Students can apply by submitting an application online, each applicant is required to complete and upload (or share the URL for) an expression of interest. This is our version of an application essay. The expression can be anything: a picture of artwork, an essay about your desire for alternative education, a short movie, a poem, etc. If you feel that your expression requires further explanation, use the area below to clarify. Aspire is a student-led program, which first and foremost means that you have to WANT to be here. Applications will not be considered until an expression of interest has been received.

Q: Can my student participate in just one class as a supplement to their existing education?

A: Yes, but in order to participate in committees, school meetings and participate in the running of the school a student would be required to attend aspire as a full-time student.