Primitive Skills

Whether we call them primitive skills or ancestral skills, our outdoor education program helps students to connect with nature, connect with themselves, and connect with our shared past. In our fast paced world, our children almost never have an opportunity to slow down and experience the calm that comes from being immersed in nature. Students in our classes are encouraged to leave the cell phone at home and acquaint themselves with their inner self. We begin and end our year with nature connection because this connection can help carry us through the stresses of the school year and the difficult realities of being a teenager. Along with a better understanding of self, students will gain confidence in survival situations and learn fire making, flintknapping, bowmaking, weaving, pottery, felting and other skills that are slowly being forgotten by our culture. Students may participate in this program every year at Aspire, earning up to 4 high school credits in “Primitive Skills and Technology”.