Tuition and Fees

Attendance Fees

Co-op Members: $280/weekday per 8 week quarter.

Students who attend 5 days per week will pay $1400/quarter* or $5600/yr*

*Co-op members who volunteer 16 or more hours per quarter will reduce their bill by $10 per hour for every hour they volunteer.  


For Non-members: $448/weekday per 8 week quarter

Students who attend 5 days per week will pay $2240/quarter or $8960/yr

Advising Fees: $500/year

Advising fees cover the cost of setting up your student’s annual plan and advising your student throughout the year. This fee is required immediately after acceptance in order to hold your student’s spot at Aspire. Installment arrangements can be made for families who are unable to pay this fee all at once.

Additional Activity Fees

Our students have the option to attend two primitive skills camps, one at the beginning and one at the end of the school year. We will conduct fundraisers throughout the year to pay for these camps, but students may be asked to pay the balance for their enrollment if they cannot raise the necessary funds. Students may also have opportunities to attend tournaments and events outside of Missoula. Again, we will do as much fundraising as possible to keep costs for these events affordable.

Payment Plans

Students must enroll on a quarterly basis. Each quarterly bill may be split into two parts due before the 1st and 5th week of the quarter. The advising fee must be paid prior to enrollment in the first quarter. This fee is nonrefundable and will not be prorated for students who enroll or withdraw midyear.


We have a limited number of 50% scholarship available for families who qualify for free lunch. Please ask about it for more information. Families need to apply for this scholarship before April 1st, 2018. 
*Please indicate “Scholarship” in the “Optional Explanation” portion of your application.